Where is the fire?

DSC06949Sometimes, if I react really fast, I manage to arrive to the incident site as first and have to wait for the fire brigade or ambulance to arrive. But this time, we all had to wait for the fire to arrive





What happened?
It looked like a regular task for an “incident photographer”. Just after 2 p.m. I received the message of a fire at the local garbage collection company. It only took me five minutes to get there so I would be on time to witness all the action of the fire brigade.When I arrived, I encountered security personnel who tried to send me away and shouted that there’s nothing to see there. But even threatening to call the police doesn’t stop me for trying to do my job in this case.
I did call my chief redactor to ask him to contact the company and get me permission to enter their terrain. In the meantime I looked for a way inside – I found a gate that wasn’t locked so I entered the terrain and found the fire brigade – but where was the fire?It had taken me more than five minutes to find the place – had I missed the whole action? No I hadn’t. The fire wasn’t there yet.

Just after I arrived and took out my camera (and a full fifteen minutes after fire was announced), a garbage truck drove into the company terrain, a big dark cloud of smoke coming out of the back. It stopped right in front of the fire brigade who sprung into action immediately. The truck driver opened the hatch and the firemen started extinguishing the burning garbage even before it was all dropped on the ground. To make sure that all fire is gone, they used an excavator to spread the garbage on the ground and sprayed it all with water.

A firemen extinguishes the carbage, spread by an excavator


When fire brigade doesn’t come to fire, the fire comes to the fire brigade
Why did the burning truck have to come to us, and not the other way round? The fire inside of the truck wasn’t too dangerous to the driver, and it was clear that it would be easier to unload all the garbage on company grounds to extinguish it. Could you imagine if they did it on a busy street in the city? Perfect chaos, not to mention bystanders sharing their pictures of burning garbage on social media.


Last but not least: Security
In the end, when I had all the photo and video material I needed, I didn’t have any more objections to security personnel showing me the way out of the terrain. They escorted me to the gate I had used to enter – which was wide open, to their surprise. We had a long discussion about how I’m not allowed to enter private property (you should at least lock your gates then) and how I should first ask for permission. Well guess what – I had called to get the permission, and I had even gotten it. Just didn’t know it at the time because I was too busy to look at my phone.


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