Went better than expected

nxp-mistTaking pictures of mist/fog never goes for me as I planned it.






Whenever I see on the weather forecast that the dewpoint and the average temperature are about to come very close it gets my attention. It means mostly that fog is about to come, the thicker the fog gets the more ‘misty-rious’ it gets.


Green circle: temperature (red) and dewpoint (blue) are very close to each other: this means fog. (Screenshot kachelmannwetter.com)

This time I wanted to take a picture skyscraper disappearing in the fog, I have seen already bridges disappearing over the river Waal in Nijmegen disappearing, but I believe never a skyscraper. So I went out again. Unfortunately, by the time I arrived at the 52 Degree /NXP building in Nijmegen, the fog was about to disappear and the sun came out. So I walked around the building, but when I saw this I stopped:


Shadow cast on the 52° / NXP Building


I got an even better picture than I imagined it, the sun creating a fantastic shadow cast on the building. But it was only visible from the point I was standing, as soon as I just walked 1-2 meters to the left or right the shadow cast disappeared completely. See yourself:


…few meters to the right and the shadow cast is gone


When I walked back to my car, I took an another photo of the fog in front of the Building.


A bit of fog at the front of the building…


If I would have known that, I would have made a timelapse, but like always fog never behaves as expected.

Photos published on regional newsmedia RN7.nl:

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