Timelapse Clip Waalbrug Sunrise (Flickr Explored)

Waalbrug Sunrise (Waalbridge)
Nijmegen, Netherlands

Date: 27 March 2015
Start: 03:55am
End: 06:18am
Duration: 2h 23m
Camera: Samsung NX30 | 18-55mm f3.5-5.6

This is the second time that I tried to timelapse this bridge. I tried it once before but it failed, because of weather conditions. The second time I had luck: the clouds did exactly what one weather forecast predicted! (Not to mention that two other weather forecasts services were wrong, they predicted all time clouds)
So went up at early in the morning- the perfect time for all kind of pictures and for other people is it the perfect time to sleep 😀
However about 3 o’clock I went out with hot tea, a blanket and thick clothes. It took me some 25 minutes to set up the two cameras on the two tripods, everything needed to be perfect, because I didn’t want to go out the 3rd time.
It was a very silent and calm morning – just some boats passed by. And a cold morning, very cold!!
(The recording from the 2nd camera will be uploaded soon)


I uploaded from the timelapse above a compilation on Flickr. On 26th June it reached the Explore Page, where the daily best pictures are shown.


Pictures from the setup & location:

Waalbrug Timelapse - Setup

Picture from the Setup at the Waalbrug (1 of 3)

During the Timelapse

Picture from the Setup (2 of 3)

Waalbrug - Timelapse Camera Setup

Picture from the Setup at Waalbrug (3 of 3)


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