Waalbrug at Night (On the bridge)


Waalbrug at night (On the Bridge)

RAW’s: 270
Size: 4,29GB
Date: 8th June 2015
Start: 23:39
End: 23:57
F.4.0 | 2,5s | ISO 100 | 29mm | Samsung NX300M

Finding a good position on that bridge was really difficult! Directly next to road is nice because you see a lot of cars afterwards, not so nice is that they are driving very loud 50-70km/h half a meter next to you. Going to the side (like above) stretches the bridge too much, so I was walking up and down to find the right position.
In middle of the recording it started to rain a bit, but the lens stayed dry!

Later in the post-production I had big problems in the tone-mapping: How orange was the bridge? I took me a while (almost 40 minutes!!) to find the right mixture between yellow & orange – and to avoid a green tone.
I also add a 5step-movement/motion blur which was too much, but I didn’t notice that I selected 5 instead of 1 – that’s why I almost put this timelapseclip into the trashcan – only randomly I noticed much much later that I did this mistake. So I rendered it with a 1step-movement/motion blur – and voilá I got the result above!

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