Waal Snelbinderbridge

Waalkade Snelbinderbridge, Nijmegen, Netherlands

RAW’s: 290
Size: 5,05 GB
Date: 11may2015
Recording start: 20:36
Recording end: 22:28
Start: ISO 100 | 18mm | f.3.5 | 1/800s
End: ISO 800 | 18mm  | f.3.5 | 4s
Camera: Samsung NX300M

I shot this timelapse twice, because the first time I did two things wrong.

  • 1st.:  I read on the internet as a tip for transition timelapses that you can put the camera during that time on the mode “P”.  Bad idea, very bad bad idea, afterwards I wasnt able to get rid of the flicker, I thought before that it will go wrong, but on the other hand I thought would be nice if it works so I don’t need to change the aperture, shutter time and ISO by hand. But no, don’t do that mistake. A human must control it, not the machine!
  • 2nd: Simple reason: Somewhere in the middle I moved the focusring. So after that it gets pretty blurred, even on fullHD you can see it.
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