Waal Beach

Timelapse Clip: Waalbeach (Waalstrand)

JPG’s: 271
Size: 1,93 GB
Date: 14.April2015
Session start: 15:46
Session end: 15:50
ISO 640 | 18mm | f.22 | 1/250s

I went in total 3 times to that beach for recordings, I made in total 6 timelapses of the waves. Above you can see the very last timelapse clip that I made there. Why 6? The other 5 weren’t good, waves are a difficult thing – you never know how they come and go.
I attached the camera upside down on the tripod, at one point the water came really really close to the camera. REALLY CLOSE! There was just a few centimeters air between (or as we say in german “Handbreite” – a hand-wide-distance) – I couldnt reach the camera anymore, it was couple of meters within the river. As soon as I find the picture I will upload it! Scary moments – but the camera stayed absolutly dry!

In the post-production I added a two-step blur, because otherwise the waves would appear too ‘hasty’.
Ps: Sorry that the horizon is not straight, I saw it too late!

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