Train Rails at Night


Train Rails at Night, Muntmeesterlaan in Nijmegen

RAW’s: 311
Size: 6,48 GB
Date: 8th-9th June 2015
Start: 23:40am
End: 00:43am
f 4.0 | 24mm | ISO 2000 | 2s | Samsung NX30

I scouted this area one night before I actually did the timelapse, before I had a different bridge in my mind. It was a pedestrian bridge, but that one was too shaky for a night timelapse. It would work over day, the shaky pictures can be stabilized – but at night with an exposure of 2,5seconds it would get blurred. So I had to search for an another bridge: Muntmeesterlaan. This bridge was absolutly stable.
I checked this bridge out at daylight, because I noticed that at night I couldn’t see a damn thing. The camera with its long exposure sees more than the eye, so any rail ways posts and signal lights could be suddenly in the way.
I also planned not to use an intervalometer all the time, so this is a timelapse where a few pictures are taken with an intervalometer.
Why no intervalometer? The time between the trains were 3 to 20 minutes. 20minutes of empty railways? No way that’s boring in a timelapse. Only problem: the last train comes at 00:43am from ‘s Hertogenbosch to Nijmegen, and its night dark somewhere at 00:15am. That’s why you can see in the first few seconds a blue sky, which turns then suddenly brownish!

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