Stars on the Sky

Timelapse of the Stars on the sky
Taken in Kranenburg, Germany -15km away from Nijmegen, Netherlands

RAW’s: 240
Size: 3,76 GB
Start: 23:48 (27 March 2015)
End: 02:48 (28 March 2015)
Duration: 03:00 hours
20mm | f 3.5 | ISO 640 | 20s | Samsung NX30
Uploaded in 4K @ 17fps

Get to an another country
I wanted to make a timelapse of some stars in the sky. That wasn’t possible in Nijmegen itself, the airpollution/lightpollution was too high to see more than 10 stars. I had to leave the city – there is in the near a place where I could do that: Kranenburg, Germany. So yes I actually went to an another country to get my stars 🙂

1st try failed & Police
The video above is my second try.
On the way to my first try I got stopped by the German Police. They stopped me because of suspicious driving, actually thats true: I was driving slow because I was thinking to which place I want to exactly go. So they stopped me and asked me what the hell I’m doing here in this night-abandoned little village at 1 o’clock at night. I explained them what I was going to do, and they only checked my drivers-license. They were so disappointed that they didnt find their man (or drug-dealer or whatever) that they stopped their ‘interrogation’. They didn’t check my ID or car registration certificate and simply went with their police car away!

So back to my weird hobby (that’s what the Officer said):
The first time failed simply because of fog. It were some -2 to 0 °C degrees outside, so the fog went onto the lens – you couldn’t see a damn thing. It happened after 30minutes, but I noticed it after the camera was for 2hours running, so I had for 1,5 hours just black pictures. So I spend a lot of time to get a timelapse how the lens get fogged – perfect. A recording for the trashcan

2nd try & Hand-warmer
The second I put some hand-warmers with me. Not for me, but for the camera! I needed it also, three of them in total. After 30minutes I noticed a slight fog on the lens again! So I put a hand-warmer on the objective, and the fog went away.  That’s why you can see some fog on the pictures in the beginning 🙂
Furthermore: The hand-warmer was in a plastic-bag, and the external power supply of the camera had a blue LED – this led shined onto the plastic bag. In the video on the top right corner you can see a blue spot. Now you know why 😉

If you wonder what I did the whole time: I was in my car, next to the camera and had it warm! (I just turned on my car for some 5minutes each 30-40minutes)

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