The chaos behind the scenes



Removing a cock due to restauration on top of a church. Till the last minute, things get more and more unclear. Who can get up on the scaffold? Who is more important: photographer from local media or photographer from the city?



The Plot:

A little church gets a renovation, on the top of the building is a golden metal cock. One member of the executive board from the city removes it from the roof. The cock undergoes also a restauration. I take pictures of the cock (not the restauration, the removal). There is also a photographer of the city there. (Below this post there is a photo of this “photographer”)
The little church is the Marienburgchapel in Nijmegen (“Mariënburgkapel – Huis van de Nijmeegse geschiedenis), as you can see on the picture you can only the reach the top by walking up the scaffold. Next to it is a crane, the board-member is supposed to remove the cock from the crane-basket.



Marienburgkapel with the scaffold


How it’s supposed to be done #1
A colleague of mine from the editorial made an appointment. I’m supposed to get together with the board-member onto the basket, we get lift up to the cock. She removes the cock and I take pictures. Sounds a sound task.
Guess what?


The crane next to the church, on top in the basket the board member.


How it’s supposed to be done #2
Some 15 minutes before the start the crane-operator &organizer told me that I cannot go onto the basket, because the basket will be too full. Because he needs to be on board together with the board-member. Oh and the photographer of the city also goes onto the basket. So, three people seems to be the limit. Instead of that I should walk up the scaffold. I was already on the scaffold days before, so I knew what to expect. But I was a bit disappointed not to be in the basket, but being on the scaffold meant to be just 1 meter lower the board-member. So an acceptable compromise.
So far…

How it’s supposed to be done #3
10 Minutes before the start: The crane operator & organizer tells me that I cannot go onto the basket and I cannot go onto the scaffold. The reason: the assistant of the board-member, another unknown person from the city will there and some scaffold-workers as well.
His advice is to take pictures from the bottom. Yeah pictures from the bottom, try to get a nice perspective from someone who is on top of a church (okay chapel, but you get the point).
Now I was indeed disappointed, angry with that “downgrade”. Even more when he told me that the photographer from the city is allowed to get to the top. I tried to tell him about the original appointment between the local news and the city. Why tried? He interrupted me several times, I didn’t get the chance of explaining myself. The kind of conversations that I love. Our monologue ended by saying I’ll call with the editorial explaining our current condition, but chances are high that I will not take any images from the removal. He left,
I called, but during the call he came back to me telling me…


View from the top down

How it’s supposed to be done #4
Few minutes before the happening: I’m allowed to go onto the scaffold. Along with other people (the assistant, some other workers and the city photographer)

How it was done
On top of the church. Wonderful view by the way, the city photographer was given priority and had all time the best positions, while I had to wait until he was done.
The workers removed the cock, and the board-member was holding it for the camera. Then I took my photos.

How did the photo of the city looks like?
In this low resolution picture, I dare to say it’s unedited, and the board-member in the middle has her eye’s closed. These 2 are only pictures that got released

And this mine:

So who took the better photo?
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