Flickr Explored: Waalbrug Sunrise compilation photo

500 of 1,83 Million On 26th of June 2015 the picture “Waalbrug Nijmegen” went on Flickr into the “Explore” section. Flickr is a photo sharing page where photographers around the world share their photos, rate and comment other pictures. In the Explore Section of Flickr are the daily best 500 pictures shown. That may sound […]

Timelapse Film: Japan-Day 2015 – Fireworks

A Timelapse Film Japan Tag Düsseldorf 2015 / Japan-Day Japanisches Feuerwerk / Japanese Fireworks at the Rhein   Date: 30 May 2015 Starttime: 23:02 Endtime: 23:29 Duration: 27minPhotos: 752 in .raw Size: 14,7 GB Original rendered in 4k (4096 x 2304 pixels) in 14fps Location on Google Maps Camera: Samsung NX300M Aperture: f.3.5 Shutter Speed: […]