Preview-Review: Samsung Lens NX 50-200mm F4-5.6 ED OIS III

50-200mmRecently I bought a new lens, and did some tests on the Samsung NX300M and the Samsung NX30. Read here the preview review of the Samsung NX 50-200mm F4-5.6 ED OIS III





A classic telezoom, essential for taking photos in the distance, but also interesting for portraits. What are the field test results? It is not my intention to bore you with graphs over corner distortion, the real photographer is outside!
With 200mm I’m able to get far objects close to me, or can create great portrait pictures with a great backgroundblur. Just keep in mind that you need to keep some 15-30meters distance to your object when you want to take a portrait picture!


Attached to the camera


The 50-200mm lens attached onto the Samsung NX300M and Samsung NX30. Click on the picture to enlarge

The proportions are quite fine with the NX30, but on the NX300M it is getting a bit oversized, especially if you want to take a picture with 200mm.
The lens with its 500g is quite fine on the NX300M, I can still hold it with one hand. On the NX30 I use two hands, otherwise it would be too heavy. Generally I advise to hold it with both hands.




Comparison between the 18-55mm f3.5-f5.6 and the 50-200mm f.4-5.6.

The outer lens material is from plastic. The bigger ring, the zoom-ring, is from a softer rubber material and gives a good grip. The smaller ring at the front, the focus-ring, is from hard plastic. The focus-ring is quite precise, but it can be more. The lenshood is plastic as well, just like the filter-ring. Only the bajonett is made from metal.


OIS: Optical Image Stabilizer


Closeup of the Samung NX 50-200mmm lens. The ‘inner eye’ moves visible in comparison with the circular ring around when OIS turned on.

Until now I have to say that it works quite effective. I can see it even moving on 50mm. If I hold the camera next to my ear, I can hear some noise. Also some focus noise. For the final review I’ll test if it makes sounds on a video.


Zoom 18mm vs 200mm

I did the zoom examples on the Samung NX300M with the 18mm-55mm kit-lens as comparison. No editing applied, images derived from .raw.

18mm-distantshot-noedit-1  200mm-closeupshot-noedit-1






Click here to see an extract of the original screenresolution:
18mm-original-1  200mm-original-1









  • Fast autofocus (taking photos)
  • Good grip
  • No visible chromatic aberration at 50mm (I will test that more!)
  • Effective OIS


  • Pictures aren’t as sharp as with the 18-55mm kit-lens.
  • It seems that I get with an f.8. the sharpest pictures, I’ll test that part too!
  • On filmmode I can hear OIS noises
  • No autofocus during taking a film.
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