NXP / Regus Building

NXP / Regus Building Nijmegen
Jonkerbosplein 52

RAW’s: 300
Size: 5,43 GB
Date: 9th June 2015
Start: 21:23
End: 22:47
Camera: Samsung NX300M

I dont want know what bothered me more: Finding the name of this building or waiting for the right weather. I waited 4 weeks for this weather: Clouds that stay the entire evening. From morning till evening there clouds, and always one hour before sunset the clouds disappear. 4 damn weeks I waited for it! And when I finally had clouds there weren’t even that nice – what’s wrong with this weather??
Second: The name of this building. On the sign in front of the building there are many office names, it seems that different companies are just renting some offices inside the building. (Place on Google Maps)
However you can see this building from almost every place in Nijmegen, so it was important to me it also comes into the timelapse film of Nijmegen.

The lights on top of the building are remarkable, the different colours are shining for just a second, in the timelapse it seems that the lights are switching slowly, but there were in realtime as fast as in the timelapse. One problem occurred during the timelapse: When I had long exposure pictures, I caught all the lights. Since the lights were shining on different spots in different colours they went on the photo white! That’s why I changed the settings of the camera, you can see that back in the timelapse. First they are ‘flickering’ then they are white and in the end they are ‘flickering’ again.

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