Taking pictures isnt allowed on Radboud University Campus…

radboudpostfadingoutI do not publish any photos or videos with Radboud on it!
Why? Because I’m not allowed to, thats why!


I had several ideas about timelapses on the campus of my university.
Once I wanted to make a timelapse of a bicycle shed next to the Erasmusbuilding, in the beginning it’s empty and after 30min it’s full – or in a timelapse in 8 seconds. So I went early in the morning to the bicycle stands. After 15 minutes came the Campus Security. They told me that I need permission for any kind of photos or videos; because otherwise I would bother other people and I could misuse the pictures, so I had to delete all the pictures that I already took.
I find it stupid that they stopped with their Security Car, a Ford Caddy, on the middle of pathwalk/bicycle way and make it for people impossible to use that way – but confront me with bothering other people? No words for that.

Identification card number
However they noticed that my camera had a wifi function, so the discussions about ‘You transferred all the pictures to your smartphone’ started, they were reasonable enough to understand that having several gigabyte of fotos in your phone wouldn’t be handy.
As it wasnt enough yet: They wanted my ID-card and wrote down my name and my ID-number! I don’t know why they need my ID-number, but its the only thing that they can do 🙂 Oh and putting their car on a pathwalk to  block the people going to the university 😉

To be honest, I instantly lost my interest in making timelapses on the campus. Possible timelapses like bicycle stands that get filled with bycicles within seconds or how the university buildings get lit up at night – all not possible. They told me where to get for the next time an allowance, but I’m not interested.
On flickr I don’t have a single picture of the university, even if it’s 10km far away and just a pixel big. You not – you never!


Demo’s during lecture – and what the Security Service did
Oh and disturbing and bothering other people: Once during several lectures some elderly people demonstrated for more attention in the healthcare for elderly people. Probably they had their allowance to demonstrate, but that also include the following: lectures were delayed with half an hour or couldn’t even get started?!  Oh and the Campus Security was there and did nothing. So old people are allowed to interrupt and block lectures, but I’m not allowed to make a timelapse? Who is bothering who? It’s the lack of appropriateness of the Security that makes me angry.
This came also into the news: http://www.omroepgelderland.nl/nieuws/2092449/Ouderen-bezetten-medische-faculteit-Radboud-wij-zijn-niet-zielig

A picture of the lecture hall with elderly people demonstrating can be find here: http://medischcontact.artsennet.nl/Actueel/Nieuws/Nieuwsbericht/149654/Ouderen-bezetten-collegezaal.htm


I have myself some pictures, but I’m not going to publish them here.



(For general understanding: My post just deals with the not understandable behavior of the campus security, not if it was correct or not correct to demonstrate!)

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