Nijmegen Grote Markt 1

Timelapse: Nijmegen Grote Markt 1 / Nijmegen Big Market Square
JPG’s: 270
Size: 2,52 GB
Date: 13April2015
Recording start: 15:35
Recording end: 15:44
ISO 400 | 25mm | f9.0 | 1/250s
Camera: Samsung NX300M

A lot of people passed by, a lot of them looked, but nobody asked what I was doing there! Thats something that I’d like to know if other timelapsers experience the same…?
However I choosed this unusual settings, because I wanted to have a good mix between the greater depth of field (thats why f.9.0 and not a lower one) and exposure time (with 1/250 I got the people almost clear), the ISO 400 was needed to maintain a good brightness.
I applied a 2-frames movement/motion blur in adobe after affect.

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