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Based in the province south-east Gelderland (Netherlands), I work as Reporter / Journalist for the Dutch press.

Editing a video item while the fire brigade is still extinguishing an ongoing fire.

I work for the dutch press as photographer, cameraman and reporter for internet, tv, radio and newspaper. Most of my items are 112/911 related, such as car accidents, structural fires, shootings or other crimes and incidents.
My items ( foto / video / radio) do mostly appear on RN7 (tv, radio), but on De Gelderlander (newspaper), Omroep Gelderland (tv), ANP (dutch press agency) and NOS (national news) as well.
I’m also a licensed drone pilot; with “ROC-Light” I’m allowed to conduct commercial drone/RPAS flights within Dutch airspace. My aircraft is registered at the Dutch Civil Aircraft register, as PH-6NQ.

112/911 incidents

A selection of produced videoitems: (only Dutch)



A selection of produced drone videoitems:




News Events

A selection of pictures of News events.







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