Marienburg – Mariekenstraat


Marienburg-Mariekenstraat (In the background “Koningsstraat”)
Nijmegen, The Netherlands

RAW’s: 311
Size: 6,48 GB
Date: 25th June 2015
Start: 20:20pm
End: 20:28pm
f 4.5 | 33mm | ISO 200 | 1/160s | Samsung NX300M

It happened again! During some test-photos the Samsung NX300M got stuck, it freezed – and corrupted again my Toshiba 64GB SD-Card, the first recover of that SD card took me 12 hours. Wonderful! However I had my second SD-card with me.
And still having an SD-Card with 40MB/s writing speed is not enough to save a picture each 2nd second: 240photos was the target, but only 223 were made. If you look closely you can see that there is a speedchange!

During the test-photos I was worried that this stupid street sign with “Gratis bewaakte fietsenstalling” (~Free surveillance of a bicycle shed) would be totally in the way. And yes normally I would never ever do such a photo, because of that street sign – but here comes the advantage of a timelapse: the movement around that sign distract from that street sign – perfect.
A 1step motion/movement blur is applied.

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