Joris Ivensplein

Joris Ivensplein from the Snelbinder Bridge, Nijmegen The Netherlands
RAW’s: 364
Size: 9,35 GB
Date: 24march2015
Recording start: 18:44
Recording end: 19:50
Start: ISO 100 | 25mm | f4.0 | 1/6s
End: ISO 400 | 25 mm | f4.0 | 2.0s
Camera: Samsung NX30

This is I think the first transition clip that I ever created and also the first where I used the stabilizer in Adobe After Effects. Like in the “Snelbinder Bridge Cyclists” I had also here a lot of vibrations through the trains, motor-bikes, and runners. Mostly runners who were in a group caused not only vibrations but also a lot of shaking. The photos, which I took with a longer exposure time were blurred, this blur got lost white scaling down from 20Megapixels to FullHD (2megapixels). Later I decided to make my Nijmegen Film in 4K, here I noticed that the blur gets visible, I had to delete those frames. Since I was taking a picture each ~15s second, the missing frames aren’t visible.

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