HowTo: Colourgrading in Lightroom 5


Left you see the colouradjustments and on the right the original raw file Sunset, taken on island Usedom, Baltic See Germany.

Colourgrading is an essential step in the post-production of a timelapse clip.
The software I use for the colour adjustments is Lightroom.








Very important for the colourgrading is that the original photo had been taken as a .RAW, so that you have greater possibilities to improve a photo. (Read here why I prefer .RAW over .JPG)


In this HowTo / Tutorial I want to show you how you improve night pictures.


Pic 2 | Nijmegen Night

In Picture 2 you can see the original file, no edited applyed.

The sky is ugly brown, just like I have seen in reality. Moreover that blue laserlight isnt that great either. How to improve that brown, muddy sky?
There is a trick by which you can brown sky simply blue: Adjust the whitebalance and make it colder. (Pic. 3)


Pic 3 | Before & After effect. Only whitebalance change


Pic 4 | The graduated Filter

Although in reality the sky was indeed some brown/yellowish, but through the internet and media we are used to see perfect blue sky over a city, while this is in fact (almost) impossible through the airpollution and lightpollution.
For many night pictures this simple white balance adjustment is already sufficient, however it can happen that the buildings also get quite blue, while we wanted only to change the sky, didnt we? Like in pic. 4 shown, I added a graduated filter onto the sky, and put the temperature down. You can improve the result by putting the saturation and exposure down.


I did some more adjustments to get the final picture (Pic. 5):


Pic. 5 | Before and After, Final Version including the settings. Click on the picture to see it bigger

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