HowTo: 4k Export in Adobe Premiere

Adobe Premiere has got many many different options, especially for export. The export settings are quite complex, I myself havent figured everything out, but after long research on the internet I found the perfect options for 4k export.

What you need to know: 4K is NOT UHD.

  • UHD = Ultra High Definition: 3840 × 2160 – 8,3 MP – 16:9 | Most TV’s in electronic shops do have this as native resolution and youtube use that resolution and calls it 4K
  • 4K = 4 times more than FullHD: 4096 x 2304 – 9,4 MP – 16:9 | Hollywood movies are created with this resolution. Netflix created a series ( “House of Cards” 3rd season) even in 6K (source), HD looks astonishing, but it has its disadvantages: long rendering, and one hour of an House of Cards in 6K needs 5,5 terabyte!

Since youtube and vimeo “only” accept UHD, I’ll just show my settings of the Full4K export in Adobe Premiere. I did not find a preset for 4K, so you can use mine below:



Additional hints:

  • Make sure that you make tik at “Render at Maximum Depth” and “Use Maximum Render Quality” to assure to use the highest quality possible.
  • Youtube does a downscale from 4k to UHD, and the bitrate from 80Mbps down to 40Mbps.
  • The upload limit is 15minutes.
  • Before the 4k option is available on the youtube video you need to wait some time
  • In case you’d say that UHD is enough, then you can use the preset “Youtube 4k”

If I’m wrong with some settings or advices you can comment below.

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