Flickr Explored: Waalbrug Sunrise compilation photo

Waalbrug Nijmegen, The Netherlands

Nijmegen Waalbrug, The Netherlands.
This compilation photo went on 26th June 2015 onto Flickr Explore, the daily best pictures. Click on the image to see & download it in 20megapixels

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On 26th of June 2015 the picture “Waalbrug Nijmegen” went on Flickr into the “Explore” section. Flickr is a photo sharing page where photographers around the world share their photos, rate and comment other pictures.
In the Explore Section of Flickr are the daily best 500 pictures shown. That may sound a lot, but keep in mind that each day on flickr 1,83 million pictures get uploaded, or ~53 million per month (numbers 2014, source)  so only the best of the best gets into that Explore section.



Over the picture
As you can see the picture consists out of three fotos. Fotos which I actually took for a timelapse clip, the picture above is a result of a visualisation of a night-to-day timelapse in one picture.

Photos taken at 27 March 2015
Left: 03:55am
Middle: 04:35am
Right: 06:18am

Left: 19mm | f.3.5 | ISO 800 | 5s
Middle: 19mm | f.3.5 | ISO 160 | 4s
Right: 19mm | f.3.5 | ISO 100 | 1/500s
Samsung NX30 (18-55mm – 3.5-5.6)


You can watch the timelapse here:

Pictures from the setup & location:

Waalbrug Timelapse - Setup

Picture from the Setup at the Waalbrug (1 of 3)

During the Timelapse

Picture from the Setup (2 of 3)

Waalbrug - Timelapse Camera Setup

Picture from the Setup at Waalbrug (3 of 3)

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