I’ll just drive through here!

An accident between a scooter and two cars. And a bunch of people not caring. DSC05210


The Story:
A woman parked her red car, she opened the door without checking if someone is on the bicycle lane. A scooter was approaching on that very lane, too late to brake. The rider of the scooter went onto the street and got hit by another car.
Police closed the street, paramedics treated the scooter rider. A rescue helicopter was called, but then cancelled. The injuries didn’t seem to be that life-threatening.

All around:
A lot of people were there already as I arrived. Some people were typing on their smartphone, others busy with taking images. Other people do walk across the accident scene, called away by the police. Obviously, they don’t pay attention to what they are stepping on: evidence. Something that I witness quite often – that people do come too close to the ‘crime-scene’. To most of the people the plastic and glass pieces appear like unworthy garbage, so they don’t care. It is more important to have a good picture with your phone on your Facebook account, than let the police do their job.
Things that I usually see at car accidents.

Not only walking…
If you think that just careless walking over those broken pieces from accidents sides is the worst can happen, you are wrong.
As a reminder – the street was closed by the police. Still, not too long after the accident, two more scooters passed by the scene. Ignoring the police cars, not realising (or not caring?) that another scooter rider had just suffered an injury there. Crossing over evidence, too, of course – but still slow and close enough to be able to take a picture.

Not much space to go between scooter on the ground and red Fiat 500 on the left.

With the police 15 meters away.  They were stopped by the police. If you think that they got a fine you’re wrong again.

Sometimes it surprises me how few accidents happen.




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