Clouds over Sakuras

Clouds over Sakuras, Dorpspark Hees, Nijmegen (The Netherlands)
RAW’s: 270
Size: 5,91 GB
Date: 1May2015
Recording start: 16:56
Recording end: 17:14
ISO 100 | 24mm | f22 | 1/8s
Camera: Samsung NX300M

I see this as a failed timelapse. The branches / sakuras are moving too much in the wind, that could be compensated by some movement/motion blur but there is an another thing.
As soon as the sun shines on the sakuras the pictures are getting too bright, I tried to turn down the lights in Lighroom, I tried it also in the turn curve. But everything that is white, stays as clear white. Those are the two reasons why I list this as a failed timelapse.

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