Chemistry leakage – do you have an appointment ?


It can happen at anytime at anyplace, you never know. Or do I?




The Story:

A chemistry leakage in a lab of the Medical Center of Radboud University in Nijmegen. Someone in the lab had two left hands that day and dropped accidently some unknown chemistry fluid. That happened inside of a “special box” where all the air gets immediately sucked away. Sounds not so dangerous, but still the fire brigade went in with special clothes and were for 40 minutes busy.


Only 2-4 firemen where simultaneously inside , the rest of the firemen outside. Maybe they had for this gathering an appointment?


Unexpected – indeed?
First of all the lab was called “Mom And Child”. This resulted to confusion to media-people who aren’t familiar with the way how the university give names to their labs. (Yeah you thought right, I knew about it, it had nothing to do with mom or a child)
However when I was there to take photos and gather information about that incident, one of the university spokesman came to me asked me “Do you have an appointment?”
Yepp an appointment for an emergency! I thought of all possible answers that I can give to that… my answer as then “Yeah, how do you want to make an appointment for an emergency? Nobody knows when an emergency event happens – or did you know that this here [point at the fire brigade] would all happen today at  01:13pm?” The spokesman looked me deep into the eye, stood still for few seconds, not saying anything – then turned away and walked away.
This is not the first time that I get such questions. Always make appointments for events that cannot be foreseen … if you know how, tell me.


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