Clouds over Nijmegen -unstable-

This is the non stabilized version. Click here for the stabilized version! This is a great example of a failed timelapse! The camera was absolute stable on the stativ, the stativ itself did not move on the ground. The ground itself moved! The stativ was on a bridge, and on that bridge cyclists, trains and […]

Clouds over Sakuras

Clouds over Sakuras, Dorpspark Hees, Nijmegen (The Netherlands) RAW’s: 270 Size: 5,91 GB Date: 1May2015 Recording start: 16:56 Recording end: 17:14 ISO 100 | 24mm | f22 | 1/8s Camera: Samsung NX300M I see this as a failed timelapse. The branches / sakuras are moving too much in the wind, that could be compensated by […]


Kronenburgerpark, Nijmegen The Netherlands. RAW’s: 240 Size: 7,02 GB Date: 11may2015 Recording start: 16:38 Recording end: 17:05 ISO 100 | 37mm | f4.5 | 1/200s Camera: Samsung NX300M I see this timelapse as a failed one, I did not get the result that I wanted to have: I wanted to have shadows moving, people coming […]

De Witte Molen -no cloud version-

De Witte Molen / The White Mill Nijmegen 19th April 2014 The Windwill (in Dutch “Windmolen”) gets here nice enlightend, but thats all. Except that the sun goes down and the enviroment goes dark there is not much to see. For me this timelapse failed because you cannot see that time passes by. I redid […]