My DIY filter for Sunphotos

Point your camera onto the sun and you risk permanent damage of your sensor. I wanted to record a sun eclipse, but how to timelapse for example a sun eclipse?           The different lenses in your objective do work like a magnifier on a white piece of paper: it intensifies the […]

Differences RAW & JPG

If you own a more advanced camera then you can save your image in .RAW or .JPG format. Both do have their advantages and disadvantages.           Advantages of .raw (in comparison with jpg) It contains more colour and brightness information. It can make differences between “dark dark dark dark” and “dark […]

HowTo: 4k Export in Adobe Premiere

Adobe Premiere has got many many different options, especially for export. The export settings are quite complex, I myself havent figured everything out, but after long research on the internet I found the perfect options for 4k export. What you need to know: 4K is NOT UHD. UHD = Ultra High Definition: 3840 × 2160 – […]

HowTo: Colourgrading in Lightroom 5

Colourgrading is an essential step in the post-production of a timelapse clip. The software I use for the colour adjustments is Lightroom.               Very important for the colourgrading is that the original photo had been taken as a .RAW, so that you have greater possibilities to improve a photo. […]