John Beckmann, professional photographer and videographer based in Nijmegen

Photography is more than „just taking a picture“. It is about freezing a moment that would be otherwise lost forever. Anticipating and capturing the right moment is a key element that I come across daily as a press photographer.

I grew up in house where art was omnipresent, grandfather was a sculptor and painter and grandmother a painter. A painting is not much different from a photo: the rules of contrast, colour and composition remain the same. Posing a model for sculpture is the same as for a photograph.

John Beckmann inside Goffertstadium in Nijmegen/ Photo: David van Haren

John Beckmann inside Goffertstadium in Nijmegen/ Photo: David van Haren

However, a photo camera gives more space for versatility. I started with timelapse photography, to document the passing of time, to make almost invisible movements visible for the eye. Shooting a sunset in photos and fitting the photos together seamlessly to create a video were my first steps into photography and videography. Since then, I´ve gained additional experience in news and event photography, business, portrait and even drone photo- and videography.

As a freelance photojournalist, I deliver photos and video material to various news agencies throughout the media in the Netherlands (to mention a few: NOS, De Telegraaf, Hart van Nederland, Omroep RN7, Omroep Gelderland, De Gelderlander…). Recently I began publishing photos on Getty Images as well.
Next to creating the images, I also provide editing work for some of the largest news agencies in the country. Editing photos fast and with a high accuracy to assure that all photos of an event remain the same colour and contrast is a crucial task.

My photojournalistic experience is reflected in all my work. I don´t like unnatural poses or artificial studio lights, I shoot the subjects as they are, in natural surroundings. I approach my videos the same way as photos; I pay attention to the composition and the details that matter, and contribute to the whole picture.

A product that captures the reality and atmosphere of the moment, and tells the story.

John Beckmann