About Timelapse

What is a timelapse?
The timelapse photography is a technique where you take after each few seconds one picture. That means you can shoot for example in 1 minute just 30 pictures. If you put those pictures together you get from those 30 pictures just 1 second. The time appears faster and is thus lapsing.
The easy way to understand: You make a 10minute movie and you let it play within 8 seconds.

Example of colourgrading

Example of colour adjustments. Sunset on island Usedom, Germany

Apparently timelapses are made of photos, why not video?
Professional timelapses are made of photos, shooting in photos do have many advantages:
– The higher resolution (you can use all your megapixels of your camera)
– You can edit each frame better than the whole video
– At night you can have a longer shutter time, up to many seconds. If you shoot in a 15 second interval then you can have a shutter time of 10seconds or more. By that you can make a much brighter picture than with a videocamera

What for do you need a timelapse?
I make timelapses of things that the human eye is not directly capable to see: Slow movement. With a timelapse you can show slow progress of things. For example a plant that is about to bloom. The plant is definitely moving, but so slow we cannot see it. In a timelapse you can show this movement.

What can you timelapse?
Not everything of course, but mostly slow moving objects.
Good examples are:
– Clouds: Here you can see the change of form of a cloud and the movement
– Flowers: Blooming and blossoming
– Sunsets, buildings getting darker and might get lit up by some lamps.
– Cars, here you can timelapse the pattern of movement, made by traffic lights.
– Trainstation/ Busstation: People getting in and out of a train/bus
– Much much much more….
With the example of cars/trainstation/busstation you can see that you don’t necessarily need to make timelapses of slow movement, also in regular movement you can make a timelapse. With those kind of timelapses you can show the pattern in a movemnt. The example trainstation: people are waiting, standing still or moving few meters up and down or just moving their heads, a train comes and people get on and off the train. Several repititions within one hour, something that we don’t see so often.

About Me

My name is John. I come from Düsseldorf, Germany, through my study of medicine I came to Nijmegen, The Netherlands. Since many years I was interested in timelapses, the first timelapse were sunsets and sunrises. I recorded those with a camcorder which ran on DVD’s. I came very early in touch with flickering, unwanted movement of the stativ, low resolution, bad lighting. During that time I read across the internet what kind of equiqment, settings and software I need, since a shorter time I’m kind a ‘serious amateur timelapser’. All my timelapses are non-commercial based, however if you like that I do a timelapse of your event you can write me at anytime an email!
Next to timelapses, also I do also (static) photography.

I started this webpage/blog, because I noticed that people on street are interested in the timelapses that I do. I also started this webpage, because I wanted to spread my knowledge about timelapses. Not all information is on the internet available or if it is available then its poorly written. On my blog I want to everybody to chance to create his own timelapse, and to avoid that others do the same mistake like me, I also upload my failed timelapses.
Without Trial & Error there is no success !

John Beckmann