4-DAAGSE NIJMEGEN – A Timelapse Film

  (Open this video directly on youtube in a new window: youtube.com/watch?v=PkA3qIn4ZaQ ) 4-DAAGSE NIJMEGEN – A TIMELAPSE FILM Duration in realtime: 11h 01m Displayed photos: 3379 The “4-Daagse Nijmegen” (or “vierdaagse”) is annual event that takes place every summer in Nijmegen, The Netherlands. On those “International Four Day Marches Nijmegen” more than 40.000 participants […]


 Want to watch it on youtube? youtube.com/watch?v=C0YjbM9Xcs8 (new window) NIJMEGEN A TIMELAPSE FILM Duration in realtime: 29h 19m Displayed photos: 9071 My first timelapse film takes place in, about and around the Dutch city Nijmegen. Through my study I came to this nice small city near the German border. Nijmegen is not only a great […]


  Molenstraat Nijmegen, Netherlands RAW’s: 229 Size: 5,45 GB Date: 25th June 2015 Start: 20:41pm End: 20:50pm f 8.0 | 48mm | ISO 800 | 1/80s | Samsung NX300M Here I had again the struggle between: less image noise and sharpness in the foreground and bacground. I tried to find a good mixture between foreground […]

Marienburg – Mariekenstraat

  Marienburg-Mariekenstraat (In the background “Koningsstraat”) Nijmegen, The Netherlands RAW’s: 311 Size: 6,48 GB Date: 25th June 2015 Start: 20:20pm End: 20:28pm f 4.5 | 33mm | ISO 200 | 1/160s | Samsung NX300M It happened again! During some test-photos the Samsung NX300M got stuck, it freezed – and corrupted again my Toshiba 64GB SD-Card, […]

Waalbrug at Night (On the bridge)

  Waalbrug at night (On the Bridge) RAW’s: 270 Size: 4,29GB Date: 8th June 2015 Start: 23:39 End: 23:57 F.4.0 | 2,5s | ISO 100 | 29mm | Samsung NX300M Finding a good position on that bridge was really difficult! Directly next to road is nice because you see a lot of cars afterwards, not […]

Waal Beach

Timelapse Clip: Waalbeach (Waalstrand) JPG’s: 271 Size: 1,93 GB Date: 14.April2015 Session start: 15:46 Session end: 15:50 ISO 640 | 18mm | f.22 | 1/250s I went in total 3 times to that beach for recordings, I made in total 6 timelapses of the waves. Above you can see the very last timelapse clip that […]

Train Rails at Night

  Train Rails at Night, Muntmeesterlaan in Nijmegen RAW’s: 311 Size: 6,48 GB Date: 8th-9th June 2015 Start: 23:40am End: 00:43am f 4.0 | 24mm | ISO 2000 | 2s | Samsung NX30 I scouted this area one night before I actually did the timelapse, before I had a different bridge in my mind. It […]

Sunrise Nijmegen City

Timelapse Clip Sunrise over Nijmegen City, The Netherlands RAW’s: 341 Size: 6,8 GB Date: 1st June 2015 Start: 04:03am End: 06:17am Camera: Samsung NX300M I recorded this clip simultaneously with this http://john-beckmann.de/waalbrug-sunrise/. So all the background information and pictures from the cameras at the river Waal can be found under that link 🙂