Homepage Photo of the City Nijmegen.nl

My photo was selected to be shown on the startpage of the Dutch City Nijmegen. The Photo will be displayed from 29th of June until 13th of July – whenever you open the page! The page has about 5000 visitors each day. The photo shows an old Customshouse in the Citypark Valkhofpark, in the background you can see the […]

Timelapse Clip Waalbrug Sunrise (Flickr Explored)

Waalbrug Sunrise (Waalbridge) Nijmegen, Netherlands Date: 27 March 2015 Start: 03:55am End: 06:18am Duration: 2h 23m Camera: Samsung NX30 | 18-55mm f3.5-5.6 This is the second time that I tried to timelapse this bridge. I tried it once before but it failed, because of weather conditions. The second time I had luck: the clouds did […]

Flickr Explored: Waalbrug Sunrise compilation photo

500 of 1,83 Million On 26th of June 2015 the picture “Waalbrug Nijmegen” went on Flickr into the “Explore” section. Flickr is a photo sharing page where photographers around the world share their photos, rate and comment other pictures. In the Explore Section of Flickr are the daily best 500 pictures shown. That may sound […]

My DIY filter for Sunphotos

Point your camera onto the sun and you risk permanent damage of your sensor. I wanted to record a sun eclipse, but how to timelapse for example a sun eclipse?           The different lenses in your objective do work like a magnifier on a white piece of paper: it intensifies the […]

Stars on the Sky

Timelapse of the Stars on the sky Taken in Kranenburg, Germany -15km away from Nijmegen, Netherlands RAW’s: 240 Size: 3,76 GB Start: 23:48 (27 March 2015) End: 02:48 (28 March 2015) Duration: 03:00 hours 20mm | f 3.5 | ISO 640 | 20s | Samsung NX30 Uploaded in 4K @ 17fps   Get to an […]


Valkhofpark, Nijmegen (The Netherlands) RAW’s: 278 Size: 5,13 GB Date: 15th June 2015 Start: 21:34 End: 23:04 Camera: Samsung NX300M Originally I wanted to stay longer, but it was too cold(below 10°C in June!!!) and too windy, so I made this one shorter. I lost during the setup of the camera quite a lot of […]

Sun behind clouds

Goffertpark, Nijmegen Raw’s: 495 Size: 7,51 GB Date: 29 April 2015 Start: 15:43 End: 15:59ISO 100 | f.14.0 | 1/10s | 22mm | Samsung NX300M No the 1/10s shutterspeed is not a typo! I used my DIY filter to get brightness of the sun down (I’ll post later an article of the DIY filter – […]

NXP / Regus Building

NXP / Regus Building Nijmegen Jonkerbosplein 52 RAW’s: 300 Size: 5,43 GB Date: 9th June 2015 Start: 21:23 End: 22:47 Camera: Samsung NX300M I dont want know what bothered me more: Finding the name of this building or waiting for the right weather. I waited 4 weeks for this weather: Clouds that stay the entire […]

Taking pictures isnt allowed on Radboud University Campus…

I do not publish any photos or videos with Radboud on it! Why? Because I’m not allowed to, thats why!   I had several ideas about timelapses on the campus of my university. Once I wanted to make a timelapse of a bicycle shed next to the Erasmusbuilding, in the beginning it’s empty and after […]

Timelapse Film: Japan-Day 2015 – Fireworks

A Timelapse Film Japan Tag Düsseldorf 2015 / Japan-Day Japanisches Feuerwerk / Japanese Fireworks at the Rhein   Date: 30 May 2015 Starttime: 23:02 Endtime: 23:29 Duration: 27minPhotos: 752 in .raw Size: 14,7 GB Original rendered in 4k (4096 x 2304 pixels) in 14fps Location on Google Maps Camera: Samsung NX300M Aperture: f.3.5 Shutter Speed: […]

Differences RAW & JPG

If you own a more advanced camera then you can save your image in .RAW or .JPG format. Both do have their advantages and disadvantages.           Advantages of .raw (in comparison with jpg) It contains more colour and brightness information. It can make differences between “dark dark dark dark” and “dark […]

HowTo: Timelapse Cloud Movement

For making a timelapse of clouds you need to get the right interval! Camera angle, focal length & focus, aperture and shutter speed become afterwards unimportant as soon as you want to see your timelapse.       Keep in mind: Do never point your camera directly into the sun! The lenses in the objectief […]