HowTo: 4k Export in Adobe Premiere

Adobe Premiere has got many many different options, especially for export. The export settings are quite complex, I myself havent figured everything out, but after long research on the internet I found the perfect options for 4k export. What you need to know: 4K is NOT UHD. UHD = Ultra High Definition: 3840 × 2160 – […]

Nijmegen Sunset ( At De witte molen)

Timelapse: Sunset Nijmegen (At De Witte Molen) Nijmegen, The Netherlands Uploaded in Full4k ( 4096 x 2304 pixel ) with 21fps RAW’s: 326 Size: 6,46 GB Date: 13May2015 Recording start: 20:47 Recording end: 22:52 Start: ISO 100 | 18mm | f3.5 | 1/400s End: ISO 1000 | 18mm | f3.5 | 6s Camera: Samsung NX30 […]

De Witte Molen – The white Mill (‘t sfeerhuys – looimolen)

De Witte Molen / The white Mill (Looimolen) Nijmegen, The Netherlands Uploaded in Full4k ( 4096 x 2304 pixel ) with 21fps RAW’s: 270 Size: 4,34 GB Date: 15May2015 Recording start: 20:40 Recording end: 22:40 Start: ISO 100 | 22mm | f4.0 | 1/125s End: ISO 100 | 22mm | f4.0 | 3s Camera: Samsung […]

Nijmegen Grote Markt 1

Timelapse: Nijmegen Grote Markt 1 / Nijmegen Big Market Square JPG’s: 270 Size: 2,52 GB Date: 13April2015 Recording start: 15:35 Recording end: 15:44 ISO 400 | 25mm | f9.0 | 1/250s Camera: Samsung NX300M A lot of people passed by, a lot of them looked, but nobody asked what I was doing there! Thats something […]

Waal Constructionside 3

Waal Constructionside 3 / Waal Werkzaamheden 3 RAW’s: 300 Size: 6,83 GB Date: 17apr2015 Recording start: 15:00 Recording end: 15:30 ISO 100 | 29mm | f.4.5 | 1/500s Camera: Samsung NX300M In case you ask what those plastic stripes are: they were walls! Those plastic strips hold some kind of cubes with sand together and […]

Waal Snelbinderbridge

Waalkade Snelbinderbridge, Nijmegen, Netherlands RAW’s: 290 Size: 5,05 GB Date: 11may2015 Recording start: 20:36 Recording end: 22:28 Start: ISO 100 | 18mm | f.3.5 | 1/800s End: ISO 800 | 18mm  | f.3.5 | 4s Camera: Samsung NX300M I shot this timelapse twice, because the first time I did two things wrong. 1st.:  I read […]

Clouds over Nijmegen -unstable-

This is the non stabilized version. Click here for the stabilized version! This is a great example of a failed timelapse! The camera was absolute stable on the stativ, the stativ itself did not move on the ground. The ground itself moved! The stativ was on a bridge, and on that bridge cyclists, trains and […]

Clouds over Nijmegen City

Clouds over Nijmegen City view from the Snelbinderbrug RAW’s: 238 Size: 4,81 GB Date: 27march2015 Recording start: 16:31 Recording end: 16:51 ISO 100 | 29mm | f4.5 | 1/800s Camera: Samsung NX300M This timelapse stayed a long time in the postproduction. In the first editing in Lightroom I noticed that I edited the sky too […]

Clouds over Sakuras

Clouds over Sakuras, Dorpspark Hees, Nijmegen (The Netherlands) RAW’s: 270 Size: 5,91 GB Date: 1May2015 Recording start: 16:56 Recording end: 17:14 ISO 100 | 24mm | f22 | 1/8s Camera: Samsung NX300M I see this as a failed timelapse. The branches / sakuras are moving too much in the wind, that could be compensated by […]

Nijmegen Main Station Busstops

Nijmegen Centraal Station Bushalten RAW’s: 451 Size: 10,6 GB Date: 27march2015 Recording start: 21:37 Recording end: 21:59 ISO 2000 | 20mm | f3.5 | 1/6s Camera: Samsung NX30 Sometimes I find it remarkable that I did not get noticed while making timelapses, here are a lot of people and not a single of them asked […]

Nijmegen Tunnelweg/Quackplein

Tunnelweg / Nijmegen Centraal Station (Main Station) Busstops, view onto Quackplein RAW’s: 240 Size: 5,61 GB Date: 27march2015 Recording start: 20:52 Recording end: 21:20 ISO 250 | 40mm | f5.0 | 3.0s Camera: Samsung NX30 This is the first night timelapse that I created, with the intention to get some nice light trails of the […]


Kronenburgerpark, Nijmegen The Netherlands. RAW’s: 240 Size: 7,02 GB Date: 11may2015 Recording start: 16:38 Recording end: 17:05 ISO 100 | 37mm | f4.5 | 1/200s Camera: Samsung NX300M I see this timelapse as a failed one, I did not get the result that I wanted to have: I wanted to have shadows moving, people coming […]

Keizer Karelplein Fontein

Keizer Karelplein Fontain RAW’s: 241 Size: 4,97 GB Date: 24march2015 Recording start: 20:20 Recording end: 20:55 ISO 100 | 22mm | f4.0 | 3.0s Camera: Samsung NX30 I took this timelapse ON the Keizer Karelsquare Roundabout, yes indeed ON a roundabout! First I had a different fontain on the roundabout, but after the setup of […]

Joris Ivensplein

Joris Ivensplein from the Snelbinder Bridge, Nijmegen The Netherlands RAW’s: 364 Size: 9,35 GB Date: 24march2015 Recording start: 18:44 Recording end: 19:50 Start: ISO 100 | 25mm | f4.0 | 1/6s End: ISO 400 | 25 mm | f4.0 | 2.0s Camera: Samsung NX30 This is I think the first transition clip that I ever […]

Graafsebrug – Maas-Waal-Canal

RAW’s: 271 Size: 5,2GB Date: 1may2015 Recording start: 15:47 Recording end: 16:05 Date: 7april2015 ISO 100 | 18mm | f.10.0 | 1/200s Camera: Samsung NX300M I shot this timelapse on the Graafsebrug, Nijmegen, The Netherlands. This time I streamed the liveview onto my phone to be sure that the picture is straight, at home in […]

Nijmegen Main Station Depot

RAW’s: 351 Size: 5,79GB Date: 7april2015 Recording start: 20:22 Recording end: 22:23 Date: 18april2015 ISO 100 | 52mm | f.5.6 | 2,5s Camera: Samsung NX300M This timelapse was shot from the Sint Annastraat, Nijmegen (Netherlands). This is my second try, on the first try there weren’t so many trains and also not much movement. On […]

Rain on a window

Rain on a Window / Regen op een raam RAW’s: 321 Size: 5,53GB Date: 7april2015 Recording start: 0:48 Recording end: 01:31 Date: 7april2015 ISO 100 | 52mm | f.5.6 | 2,5s Camera: Samsung NX300M Rendered in 4K I shot this timelapse in a parking lot next to the Sint Annastraat in Nijmegen (Netherlands). The camera […]

Snelbinder Bridge Cyclists

Snelbinder Bridge Cyclists / Snelbinderbrug Fietsers JPG’s: 379 Size: 2,56 GB Date: 13April2015 Session start: 16:38 Session End: 17:01 ISO 100 | 20mm | f.6.3 | 1/250s Camera: Samsung NX300mM I took this timelapse in JPG, I should have taken it in RAW, because then the clouds would be more clear. In Adobe After Effects […]

Waal Construction Side

Waal Werkzaamheden / Waal Construction Side RAW’s: 301 Duration: 30minutes Date: 15th April 2015 The ‘sinking’ of the transporter was something that I did not see in real. Only after I developed this timelapse I saw that the transporter sinks into the sand due that heavy load. There were in total 2 transporters, while one […]

De Witte Molen -no cloud version-

De Witte Molen / The White Mill Nijmegen 19th April 2014 The Windwill (in Dutch “Windmolen”) gets here nice enlightend, but thats all. Except that the sun goes down and the enviroment goes dark there is not much to see. For me this timelapse failed because you cannot see that time passes by. I redid […]

HowTo: Colourgrading in Lightroom 5

Colourgrading is an essential step in the post-production of a timelapse clip. The software I use for the colour adjustments is Lightroom.               Very important for the colourgrading is that the original photo had been taken as a .RAW, so that you have greater possibilities to improve a photo. […]